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8 Benefits Of Gherkin Juice That Will Make You Want To Drink Some ASAP
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8 Benefits Of Gherkin Juice That Will Make You Want To Drink Some ASAP 

Everyone loves a good gherkin (my deepest condolences to the wayward taste buds out there that can鈥檛 appreciate them).

However, since gherkin are the stars of the jar, too often the juice 鈥 you know the stuff responsible for turning your everyday cucumber into crunchy, sour goodness 鈥 gets tossed out and forgotten. But not today. Today,聽gherkin juice will get the credit it so rightfully deserves.

After all, the simple liquid packs tons of benefits that nutritionists say you need to take advantage of as soon as the last聽gherkin is gone. So yes, consider this your excuse to buy another jar of gherkins, stat. You’re welcome.

1. It鈥檚 a next-level source of hydration.

鈥淕herkin juice contains [sodium], potassium, and water, which are all important for hydration,鈥 says Alyssa Lavy, a registered dietician. And while water usually does the trick, if you need replenishment after a super hard workout or long day in the sun, electrolytes (a blanket term for good-for-you minerals, including sodium and potassium) can help. And that鈥檚 where gherkin juice鈥檚 all-in-one status comes in clutch.

Lavy says approximately 45 to 90 ml of gherkin juice per day should suffice鈥攚hether you’re drinking the stuff straight or diluting it with water to tone down the flavour.

That said, gherkin juice doesn’t skimp on the sodium鈥90 ml (or six tablespoons) has 690 mg. 鈥淪o, you may want to limit your intake if you鈥檙e watching sodium in your diet or already eating a high-sodium diet.鈥 (FYI, the FDA聽recommends聽consuming 2,300 milligrams a day.)

Here鈥檚 the rest of the gherkin juice鈥檚 nutrient lineup, in a 90 ml serving, according to the聽USDA:

  • Calories: 15
  • Protein: 0 g
  • Fat: 0 g
  • Carbohydrates: 3 g
  • Sodium: 690 mg

2. It鈥檚 great for workout recovery.

Water is typically all you鈥檒l need before and during a workout, but if you鈥檙e聽really聽going hard (like, athlete-level), you’ll need a few more of those aforementioned electrolytes. And gherkin juice is THE recovery fluid for replenishing the electrolytes lost during a major sweat session. Plus, it can even help with post-workout聽muscle cramping.

3. It鈥檚 loaded with probiotics.

Gherkin聽juice is here to work magic on your gut. Okay, well not magic necessarily, but since聽gherkin聽are fermented, Lavy says, they鈥檙e packing tons of聽probiotics.

That said, Lavy recommends keeping an eye on the labels of store-bought jars. Some 鈥渃ommercially-produced聽gherkins are not likely to contain probiotics, due to processing.” That’s because, in order to extend their shelf-life, they’re manufactured using vinegar and heat, which typically destroys the gut-loving active cultures. So, keep an eye out for vinegar on the ingredients list, it might clue you in on whether those particular聽gherkins are packing probiotics.

Or, if you’re really dedicated, you could just pickle your cucumbers right at home. (Just be sure to go for a classic pickling recipe that involves salt, water, and cucumbers鈥攏o vinegar.)

4. It will satisfy your salt craving.

If you find yourself reaching for a bag of chips or pretzels when that 3 p.m. hunger pang hits, Monica Auslander Moreno, a nutrition consultant for聽RSP Nutrition, says聽gherkin聽juice might just be the nutrient-dense (and tasty) alternative you鈥檙e looking for. After all, it tastes just like the聽gherkins that were once inside the jar.

5. It helps regulate blood sugar levels.

While聽gherkin聽juice made with vinegar may not have probiotic benefits, it does come with its own perks. 鈥 Gherkin juice may help regulate blood sugar levels,鈥 says Kelli McGrane, a registered dietician for聽Lose It!. 鈥淪tudies聽have shown that when consumed prior to a meal, individuals with type 2 diabetes had reduced blood sugar spikes.鈥 And though the vinegar in聽gherkin聽juice is largely responsible for improving the body鈥檚 response to insulin, I probably don鈥檛 need to convince you a shot of vinegar tastes a lot better when it鈥檚 masked by the sweet and sour flavours of a聽gherkin.

6. It鈥檚 a source of vitamins and antioxidants.

Gherkin juice is a particularly good source of vitamins A and E. It also contains a trace amount of antioxidants, which help protect your body and its cells from harmful molecules. While other foods have higher concentrations of antioxidants (gherkin juice shouldn’t be your go-to source), if you’re already drinking the stuff, know you’re reaping these benefits, too.

7. You can use it to pickle more veggies.

If you鈥檙e not planning on tossing a straw into your聽gherkin jar, Moreno suggests using the brine to pickle other vegetables such as carrots, peppers, and beets.

8. It’s cost-effective.

Since gherkin juice comes with the聽gherkins you were planning to eat anyway, this probiotic-packed sports drink is super cost effective. Not to mention, it helps do your part to eliminate聽food waste. Win, win.

This article was originally published on Weight Loss.

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