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Master Trick On How To Pick Your New Summer Signature Fragrance
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Master Trick On How To Pick Your New Summer Signature Fragrance 

In the market for a signature summer fragrance? Here’s our guide. Firstly, when out on the search don鈥檛 spritz before you hit the stores. Your skin needs to remain odour-neutral to accurately test those new fragrances. 鈥淪melling the perfume on paper after the alcohol has evaporated is the only sane way to test a fragrance. Spray a few scents on blotter cards, taking note of the names, and smell them away from the alcohol-heavy air of the perfumery,” explains Roja Dove, world-renowned fragrance specialist and perfumer. Now wait. Hold off for 30 minutes until making a decision on which are your favourites.

This time delay is necessary to see how the fragrance evaporates and evolves into the heart and base notes once applied. Next, go back to the shop and apply the fragrances you selected one by one to your skin to see how they combine with your natural pheromones (those chemicals emitted by the skin that affect how a perfume will smell on you 鈥 and whether your crush will fancy you too). As for where to put them? 鈥淭he back of your hand and the wrist are ideal,鈥 says Will Andrews, director and technical expert of fragrance communication at Coty. And don鈥檛 worry about 鈥榖reaking鈥 fragrance molecules by rubbing your wrists together. 鈥淚t鈥檚 impossible,鈥 says Andrews. 鈥淭he worst it can do is warm it up and make it develop into the heart note more quickly, as it would in a hotter climate.鈥 Turns out it鈥檚 a pretty good thing to do. 鈥≧ight, now you know what to look for and how to look for it. Here are a couple of our summer favourties.

Exclamation Queen EDP

This fragrance has a blend of stone fruits and warm spices, it is perfect for everyday wear with its invigorating distinctive scent that will leave you confident all day.

Coty Exclamation Queen EDP 50ml

R 325

Buy It

Oscar de la Renta Bella Blanca EDP

A gorgeous romantic bottle with even more gorgeous notes. Floral jasmine, orange blossom and rose with sparkling notes of pear and green leaves. The base notes include sandalwood, root of iris and musk. It鈥檚 like a breath of floral freshness.

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Bella Blanca 50ml

R 795

Buy It

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Abercrombie & Fitch Instinct Blue For Her EDP

An easy to wear fragrance that鈥檚 got fresh notes of blackberry, salt, bergamot, jasmine, apricot and patchouli and vanilla. Fresh, delicate and sophisticated, it’s a fragrance which transitions easily from day to night.

ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH First Instinct Blue Ladies 100ml

R 1195

Buy It

Elizabeth Arden My Fifth Avenue EDP

A sparkling fresh floral scent that is sure to evoke energy with due to lemon, mandarin, jasmine and musky woody and cedarwood accords. This fragrance has staying power.

Elizabeth Arden My Fifth Avenue 100ml

R 995

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Givenchy L’Interdit EDP

Orange blossom, jasmine and tuberose, vetiver and patchouli make this fragrance a real crowd-pleaser. It鈥檚 an alluring scent that smells both sexy and fresh. Suitable for both day and night鈥 like we said鈥 a real crowd-pleaser.

Givenchy L鈥橧nterdit Eau de Toilette 35ml

R 935

Buy It

Narciso Rodriguez Rouge EDP

This gorgeous minimalistic red cube houses a warm sexy scent that has notes of Bulgarian rose and iris. Floral, Fiery, creamy, heady are the words that come to mind. Perfect to heat up any date night.

Narciso Rodriguez Rouge 30ml

R 985

Buy It

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