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The Only 3 Pairs Of Shoes You Need To Pack For The Long Weekend
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The Only 3 Pairs Of Shoes You Need To Pack For The Long Weekend 

Ah, how we love this time of year… It’s officially winter, which means we’re dusting off our trench coats and unpacking our favourite snuggly scarves. Also… long weekend! Whether you’re road tripping or staycationing, we’ve found the only three pairs of shoes you’ll need…

1. The trusty ankle boot 鈥 for all kinds of weather

It鈥檚 not warm; it鈥檚 not freezing. It was kinda warm; now it鈥檚 super-chilly. Yup, this time of year is a tricky one when you鈥檙e choosing what to wear. After all, the average weather app is about as reliable as Eskom. Well, you can鈥檛 go wrong with packing a trusty聽pair of ankle boots. If it turns out to be mild, you won鈥檛 be stifled by a boot that rides up to calf height or above. If it鈥檚 really cold, toasty toes go a long way towards keeping you warm.

Our deputy editor聽Wanita Nicol gave these a spin and gave them her stamp of fashion-blogger approval, so rest assured they won’t be taking up unnecessary space in your weekend bag!

The CAT Showdown boots are available in black and brown and go for R2 100.聽Check them out here.

2. The a-little-more-formal-but-still-comfy ankle boot 鈥 for family lunch when your mother-in-law is judging your footwear

“I鈥檓 not super short, but I鈥檓 definitely below average height, so throwing on a pair of heels just makes sense. Except for one minor drawback: I can鈥檛 walk in heels. Either my feet ache so much that I can鈥檛 stand anymore, or I do that thing where you basically snap your ankle,” reveals WH content producer, Cally Silberbauer. “As a runner and cyclist, I need both of my ankles intact, so what鈥檚 a short girl to do? Well, after taking a pair of these聽Pearls聽for a spin, I think I have finally found the answer鈥”

That’s right. Cally gave them the ultimate comfort test (ie. she took them to a real-life club and didn’t have to leave early on account of cripplingly sore feet!). The lesson here? These babies will see you all the way through that frantic long-weekend family lunch, whether you’re on your feet all day in the kitchen, or grimacing through polite conversation with the in-laws.

The聽CAT Pearl boots聽retail for R1 899 and come in sizes UK 3 to UK 8. You can find these boots and other great styles at聽

*Disclaimer painful in-law solutions not included.

3. The I-need-to-work-off-all-the-food-but-this-is-my-rest-weekend boots 鈥 for short walks in the countryside to ease the waistband

As much as we tell ourselves we’re going to be ‘good’ this weekend, we know we’ll be indulging a bit. And we’ll be sleeping in, forgoing our usual morning workout (but hey, sometimes rest is just as good as sweat, right?). If you’re heading off somewhere remote with beautiful landscapes, take a late afternoon stroll to explore your surroundings. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to pack your gym kit. Pop on a pair of these military-inspired-but-hella-comfy boots instead.

Fear not, WH senior fashion and beauty contributor Sinead Martin did some research to prove that even Kate Middleton is rocking this trend聽鈥 so there won’t be any damage to your long-weekend fashion cred. #You’reWelcome.

The聽Rollcall CAT boots聽retail for R2 099 and come in sizes UK 3 to UK 8. You can find these boots and other great styles at聽

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