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These Innovative Products Make Achieving the Perfect Cat-Eye Foolproof
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These Innovative Products Make Achieving the Perfect Cat-Eye Foolproof 

Whether you鈥檙e a fan of the subtle 鈥淔rench girl flick鈥 (also affectionately referred to as the kitten eye) or prefer to up the drama with a thicker cat-eye wing, if you鈥檝e ever used liquid or cream eyeliner, you know that it isn鈥檛 an easy feat. You can have the steadiest hands imaginable or watch endless tutorials on YouTube to get the technique down once and for all, but the bottom line is that creating a cat-eye look takes patience, precision and plenty of practice. While pencil eyeliners are great for rimming the waterline and creating a smokey effect, liquid eyeliners allow for a line that鈥檚 precise and expressive.

Not only is a cat-eye a makeup look, but, in our opinion, it鈥檚 also a fashion statement that can be customized to suit your mood, personality, outfit, and so on. It鈥檚 also incredibly versatile too鈥攊t looks chic paired with a no-makeup makeup look and a rosy nude lip as it does vamped up with a sharp contour and berry-hued lip stain.

The trial-and-error period of mastering this iconic liquid eyeliner look can be downright maddening. With one slight slip of the hand, you can destroy the entire look. And, unlike other eyeliner formulas, liquid liners dry super quickly to ensure their unrivaled staying power. While many formulas come with welcomed bulletproof wearability, this pro comes with the con of an application process that鈥檚 anything but forgiving unless you鈥檙e a bona fide pro.

Sure, you can clean up some minor errors with some makeup remover and Q-tip, but the aftermath of one slip-up often takes you right back to square one requiring a complete redo (and making you 15 minutes late to work) or leaves you feeling defeated enough to just surrender and embark on your day looking bare-eyed and defeated.

Whether you鈥檙e a new cat-eye convert or a well-versed advocate that just doesn鈥檛 have the time or patience to sit down and focus on their eye look every morning, there are some helpful beauty products designed to help you achieve the perfect cat-eye look without the effort, time and hassle.

Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to the people, and we only feature products we think you鈥檒l love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

1. Vamp Stamp VavaVoom Tool


Available in three different sizes for a customized cat-eye, there鈥檚 a reason this eyeliner-stamp hybrid is a top-rated Amazon best-seller. Unlike Vamp Stamp鈥檚 stamp, this dual-ended felt-tip contraption is designed with liquid liner already inside. Another bonus? We鈥檙e not sure why, but you also get two liner stamps in each order.

2. iEnvy by Kiss Wing It Eyeliner Kit


If you prefer a gel liner to a liquid or felt-tip formula, this comprehensive set is complete with a potted liner, brush, and a stencil to help you create the wing you鈥檙e going for easily.

3. e.l.f. Makeup Remover Pen


Mistakes are a given when it comes to the liquid eyeliner application process, but they don鈥檛 have to be fatal thanks to this error-erasing pen. The precise liner tip makes it super easy to control your line and quickly remove mistakes without having to start all over.

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